Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Intern for Ralph Pink - The Business

Things at Ralph Pink LTD, are slowly on the up. Yes that's right LTD, we are officially a company! One by one each piece of the collection is being finished and the business is slowly taking shape. Ralph has given me the position in the job to predict trends, create beautiful collections and much more. All shall be revealed very soon. 

I was suppose to be returning to Browns Fashion at the beginning of February but due to new legislation they said I wasn't able to return to them. I don't know if it's because they have fully stopped doing internships or because I've previously done an internship with them and that they have to start paying me after 3 months. Either way it's not helping me. So i've been churning out e-mails like no tomorrow trying to get a new internship to start within the next week or so. I don't think I can cope sitting at home and going a bit insane.

On the second to last day of my internship with Ralph we decided to hit Cirque du soir for a big night out with his girlfriend Hannah and my friend Nicole. Starting the night with karaoke and ending up very very intoxicated it was a good'un. The last day of my internship was spent on his couch very hungover. A good way to celebrate my last day though!

 Left: Me (I thought I should finally take a piture of "what I wear" but I'm too cringed yet to do a full post about it)
Right: Ralph pulling his sexiest pose (after a shot of sambucca and some dirty gin)

Nicole (my best friend) enjoying our fry up courtesy of Ralph, the morning after.

Back to life as an intern, I managed to get an interview with Motiv a fashion distributor however they couldn't cover my expenses and therefore was unable to take the job. On the bright side, I e-mailed a lady I knew at Burberry (previously did work experience there) to see if I could get an internship, so i'm in the process of creating an online portfolio to send to her! Fingers crossed!

For now I have London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week to look forward to and will be working from home for Ralph.


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