Thursday, 23 August 2012

Splurge, Spend or Save - Androgyny

It's been a while since i've done one of these, I've been waiting for the right time and right trend and I'd thought I'd post this before my 3 day birthday bender starts. Fashion is in a bit of limbo at the moment, preparing for fashion week for September! However the androgynous look has been around for a while but has only trickled into main stream within the last year or so. It's becoming quite the essential trend for Autumn/Winter. As much as I wish there was a summer I'm pretty sure it's coming to an end either way. Stores are now ridding of their summer wear and bringing in the new collections for this coming season. Think harsh lines, simple and tailored. I'm looking forward to wearing leather and looking all black.


Yves Saint Laurent
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I love the symmetry and the two tone. The darts keep it flattering while the leather gives it edge. A versitile piece.

Rick Owens
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It's rather edgy, I like the bold shoulders and the slim fit arms, slimline.

Yang Li
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Very simple and tailored to perfection but hard to go to the loo in.


Alexander Wang
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Strappy heels avec these please, Alexander Wang is the best.

Pamela Love
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I like big bold rings, and this is no exception. Would look fierce on your knuckles.

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Leather sleeves are pretty much always a win.


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I love love love these! Throw on black jeans and a leather biker jacket. Easy.

New Look
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Put together all three of my saves look and I'm pretty sure you're look triple the price. Pow.

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This is an instant wardrobe update. The faux leather arms with the mixed grey body is simple and easy to wear. I'm going to have to purchase this!


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