Sunday, 16 September 2012


Having designed for Lady Gaga I was expecting crazy out there designs and envisioned garish colours and shapes however I was surprised to find an elegance and romantic essence to the whole show. “The rigours of love” was the title of the show and it definitely translated into the garments. Beginning with a white perforated dress cinched in at the waist it was both masculine and feminine. Drawing in at the female figure the back was contrasted with no shape, this was consistent throughout the show. The back and front of the garments were continually battling with eachother showing the “edgier sides” to love. Embellishment which looked like cracks emerging from the dresses seemed like gems growing in a beautifully delicate way.

The embellishment in this show was impeccable, shown on reversed dipped hem dresses, playsuits which also morphed into trench coats and jackets which gapped at the back giving a structural cocoon shape. Each look was polished and had a sense of luxury, the coats were phenomenal, using satins and arrow prints in faded tones of blues and whites it looked like the perfect match for a simple slinky dress.

Other dresses had a sense of sport luxe as stretch waistbands were seen on black patent leather shorts. Cocktail dresses were in a sincere gold with embroidered translucent sequins covered the top layer to produce a glimmering iridescent feel. The show was flawless, silks and leather ruled the collection whilst make up was kept simple yet fierce with bold eyeliner and highlighted skin.

The show was a beautiful edgy although feminine array of garments which represented immaculate attention to detail and tailoring. A stunning array of cocktail dresses and day time trenches.

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