Thursday, 15 November 2012

Fashion Apprentice - Getting a qualification?

So as part of my apprenticeship I have to attend a course every Friday at Fashion Enter, at the end of the year an a half I will have gained the following:
Level 3 Diploma in apparel footwear or leather production (QCF) (KIA)
Level 3 Certificate in apparel manufacturing technology (NVQ) (QCF)
I don't really know the exact significance of these qualifications but I assume it will look pretty darn good on my CV. And for free, who can complain? Apparently if this wasn't funded by the government the course would have cost me an insane 26K! CRAZY.
So far, I've learnt about fibres and fabrics, pretty standard stuff you cover in A-Level but it's good to revise over it and it's definitely useful when working. It's good to be able to establish the reasons why certain fabrics are good and bad for certain garments and why certain construction methods are used.
I'm looking forward to the more hands on experience such as using the machines as this will prove very useful in buying. When making alterations to garments you will be able to recognise what changes will need to be made but most importantly how.
I've had a couple of assessments and I think they've gone pretty well, we had to talk about the entire criteria in full flow whilst being recorded and the person I am I waffle and waffle for ages but hopefully it all made sense. Another part was being shown 4 garments and establish where and what the faults were in the garment. All very insteresting stuff of course please let me know if you have any question or want to know any more about what i'm doing.


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