Thursday, 28 February 2013

Fashion Apprentice - Getting a grip

I've been ridiculously busy since the last post, but I've done my presentation! It went surprisingly ok considering I was under prepared. It was in fact in front of all the buyers and the other fellow BA's. We had to do discuss the trends, colour palettes and visual merchandising as well as doing a SWOT analysis, which is what a lot of people learn at uni. I didn't go to uni so I pretty much had to learn. 

Strengths, what the brand is doing well in.
Weaknesses, what the brand can improve on.
Opportunities, areas in which the brand has latched onto, e.g. eco friendly range, designer collaboration.
Threats, areas which can affect sales such as new stores, recession.

Obviously I was nervous but I tried to stayed focused and be myself. It's definitely something that needs to be done and practised more as doing presentations and talks are a necessity within buying and fashion. If you have any questions do ask!

I went to fashion week and it was all very swift and quick, I will hopefully give a full trend analysis soon!

Work has been pretty full on, I feel like now I'm finally getting a handle on things. Working on three brands does slow the pace of learning but now I'm in that place where I understand how the structure works and I feel more confident in the work place and my ability to do jobs. 

Anyways I'm off to Paris for a brief fashion week on Saturday! Croissants my way.
Sannita. x

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