Monday, 18 March 2013

Fashion apprentice - My first buying appointment

I was pretty excited to find out my first buying appointment was with Tatty Devine. A jewellery brand that does pretty cool perspex designs in a fun colourful and adventurous way. They sure aren't scared of stepping outside of the box and having lots of fun. 

I met Kirsty and Charlotte of Tatty Devine (who were bloody lovely), the appointment was at their shop at the top of brick lane. The shop was decked out in all their new designs on a canvas of white with giant life size jewellery hanging from he ceiling. At he back of the shop laid their new collection. They treated us to posh coffees which was lovely of them which was a nice little addition to the appointment.

Ooo how I was excited to see it all, I can't reveal too much I'm afraid but I can say that it's a bloody good collection and I know for sure you'll all want a piece. I've already got my eyes on a few pieces! Kirsty went through the collection with myself and the buyer, letting us know about the inspiration and concept behind it al. It was interesting to hear the story and the journey each unique piece came from. We then picked and chose items which we thought would mesh well into our AW13 collection, which then lead to information regarding retail and wholesale price. Going forward we would then put an order with them.

After the appointment I had a little mooch around trying on all their fabulous pieces and accidently purchased a rather beautiful necklace (poser post to come soon)...I think I may have to get these sunglasses too...

This picture is courtesy of Tatty Devine :)

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