Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Face packs - Do they really do anything?

I decided to try out new Montagne Jennesse "prickly pear peel off", face packs are always the fun thing to do at girly sleepovers or a night in with a glass of wine in front of the tv. But I always wondered, do they actually make your skin feel any more rejuvenated, as so they claim?

Coming in a nice thick pink gloop, I slathered my face in it, keeping it clear of my eyes as this is a delicate area. If you apply it near the eyes it will cause your skin to stretch which is not what you want as the eye area is so sensitive and delicate.
Never keep a face pack on for more than 20 minutes as this can cause the skin to stretch and sag due to the pack opening up your pores was the top tip I discovered from online forums and beauty places.

So after leaving it on for 20 minutes, I started peeling the PVA like glue substance off my face which was rather satisfying. After a splash of cold water to close up my pores, my face felt clean fresh and nice I guess. It was a nice change to my standard cleanse and tone, and it did leave my skin feeling rather clean. I think I'll definitely be doing this more often, however they do take a little time which is something I don't have enough off. And for a mere £1.29, it's a great little face fix.

Montagne Jeunesse
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