Friday, 7 June 2013

Poser #19 - Simply does it.

Both me and my friend (the photographer) were both ridiculously hungover when shooting this, however floundering through the fields and tunnels of our hometown in the sun did make us feel a little better. I particularly wanted to shoot my fancy new shoes. They are so big and fat and chunky, I needed a new pair of heels seeing as I've had a little trainer addiction recently. I decided to pair them up with some tailored trousers and a simple floaty vest, and a pop of colour with the beanie. Using a muted colour palette and no jewellery makes the outfit look effortless yet the splash of neon keeps it fresh.

1. Beanie, Brick lane market.
2. Vest, Willow.
3. Trousers, H&M.
4. Heels, & Other stories.

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