Tuesday, 29 October 2013

310. Genes or regime?

I frequently get told at how lucky I am, not to have to wear foundation and that my skin is relatively nice. I feel really lucky to have spot and blemish free skin. However I do use a hell of a lot of products and I do follow a strict regime. Whether it's my good genes that make me less prone to spots and wrinkles I think there is a lot you can do to keep it up and prevent any causes.

I have not been given any of these products or told to try them so this is 100% legit info that's been tried and tested for years. Boom. So here are my top five tips!

1. I drink shit loads of water. I definitely think this is one of the main things to keep your skin healthy. Refrain from drinking hot, caffeine or fizzy drinks. Water helps flush toxins out of your body but also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles as your body is more hydrated.

Oh yes, this is how I take off my make-up.

2. Cleanse and tone, I do this twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. Literally takes a few minutes. I use boots Beautiful skin collection normal/dry cleanser and toner, it doesn't dry your skin out or make it oily. Using a cotton pad I just wipe across my face and neck using the cleanser first then followed by the toner, taking care around my eyes as this area is ultra sensitive. Keeps your pores clean and fresh basically.

3. After if my skin is feeling a little dry and taut I use the body shop vitamin C reviver which you may have read about in my previous post (read post here). Not ideal if your skin is oily but great for those winter months and helps repair skin.

1. £9 Buy Me, 2. £9 Buy Me, 3. £14 Buy Me , 4. £12  Buy Me, 5. £37.90 Buy Me

4. Because I loved the reviver so much I now also use the moisturiser too. This has SPF 30 in, which is one of the highest around. Smells of zesty oranges too. I squeeze a pea size onto my finger and massage it onto my face and neck. And I'm set for the day.

5. My eyes I find are literally hideous, so dark and gloomy. I've been using the dermalogica total eye care, with SPF 15. It's slightly tinted so helps cover the dark circles around the eyes. It also has this luminosity to it, making your eyes appear brighter. Helps me look alive! But it's relatively expensive. Darn it.

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