Sunday, 15 February 2015

375. Travel diary. Australia.


Melbourne has so far been one of favourite cities I've visited and definitely better than Sydney. Well that's my opinion. It had such a cool vibe about it and I could totally see why it's been voted one of the most live able cities in the world.

There wasn't so much as sites to see, it was very limited when we went on our tour. But definitely visit the botanical gardens if you get a chance, it's totally beautiful and check out the art gallery too.
We wanted to stay here for longer, there's so many good places to eat, bars to drink at and clubs to party at. Oh and don't let me forget the shops to spend your money at!

Section 8 - Party here. It's got such a cool relaxed dance vibe with no pretentious feelings about it. It's outside too so you don't get too sweaty.


Hosier Lane - This is the main road for all the sickest street art about. You'll see loads around Melbourne. It's so beautiful and colourful.



Three sisters and blue mountains - This places was truly stunning, if you want to see any history in Sydney then here is where you're going to get it. Kinda like their version os stone henge.

Get the ferry - Take the ferry from the Opera house to Manly. Manly has gorgeous beaches and is great to spend the day there. It's not as busy as Bondi and it's prettier. The ferry return is about $14 and you get stunning views. Great for a nice touristy picture.

Sushi on Stanley - You have to eat at this place, the food was incredible and really cheap. Serving all fresh Japanese food it cost no more than $10 and you got a lot for your money. It's a tiny little place but has real authenticity about it.


Brisbane is definitely a quieter city. Night life isnt massive but we spent new years at a cool club called T.B.C. With a similar vibe to London, it's underground and plays music which isn't in the pop charts. A nice change to the awful backpacker bars we've ended up in.

I also went to the Steve Irwin zoo, it was amazing! So many cute animals, the Koalas were definitely a highlight.

Fraser Island

Only 4x4 are only allowed on this island, so if you plan to go without a tour make sure you have a 4X4. Luckily we were with friends. Also note, there are basically no facilities on this island. You have to buy all your food in advance and all amenities. There are about two shower and toilet blocks. Which are all a long drive from where ever you stay most likely. As we were camped out on the beach, however idyllic and waking up to the crashing waves of the sea, it was hard to find somewhere to hide and pee.

Lake McKenzie was incredible though, a natural lake in the middle of the island, I'd never seen anything quite so clear before. The sand was the whitest and cleanest sand I had ever seen and the water was insanely clear. Beautiful. We even did a bit of snorkelling and saw some turtles!

Driving around Fraser Island itself is fun. We weren't the most prepared, as we got stuck in the sand a few times and had to be towed out by fellow drivers. This was common but we didn't have any equipment to help us out. Driving was also a very trecherous thing, lots of bumps and if you get car sick. This isn't for you.


I enjoyed Perth a lot more than I thought, not many people venture to the West coast but this was on our way to Bali. Nikki also had family there so it was really nice to spend some friendly faces. There were so many beautiful untouched beaches and it felt so serene.

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