Monday, 17 April 2017

401. Fancy Funkin Chicken.

I purely chose this place as on a Tuesday they have buy one get one free deals on the burgers and the cocktails and it was my turn to pay between Josh and I...I had read about this place in a few newspapers/blogs etc so I thought I'd give it ago. I love chicken and so I it was only natural.

Free range and ethically sourced their food is Southern American inspired.

MenuA great array of chicken I must say, I like how it was split between burgers, bites and wings. And very well priced.

Interior Average, nothing special. slightly too much bar vibes.

Food All the food came out at once, which for me was a little faux pas. (Would've like the wings before the burgers). We opted for 8 of the Funkin Hot Wings, they were good. Smothered in plenty of source and very large in size! Surprisingly so, I was relatively full after four. My mouth was on fire, but I couldn't stop myself because they were so tasty. A well deserved 8.2/10.

Next came the mac and cheese, would've liked a slightly larger portion but that's me being greedy. It was good, but could've been a bit more cheesier/creamier. Average I would say, 5.5/10.

Then came the burger, holy moley, it was huge. Bang for your buck. And very tasty. I went for the Big Cheese Burger, triple cheese, bacon and caramelised onion. The only disappointing thing was that it was overwhelmingly flavoured with rosemary, and it didn't feel like triple cheese, more of a double. Otherwise the bun was well toasted, the cheese oozed and the chicken was well crusted. This was a 7.9/10.

We also ordered chips which were good a solid 6.7/10 although the coleslaw was warm and very disappointing a 2.5/10, I expected something of a better calibre when the burger was that good. 

Price Coleslaw £3.50/ Mac N Cheese £4.50/ Big Cheese Burger £9.50/ 8 Wings £6.50

Rating 7.4/10 (Increase my scale out of 10, 5 was too small)

Verdict I'd recommend going, definitely on a Tuesday when it's BOGOF, bloody bargain. Just stay away from the coleslaw, and make sure you make room in your stomach before hand.

Address 441 Coldharbour Ln, Brixton, London SW9 8LN

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