Sunday, 30 April 2017

403. I don't like to wash my hair.

We all get fucking lazy and hate to wash our hair. I thought now that I've hacked my hair off to a bob length it would be easier. Nope, still hate washing my hair. Maybe I'm gross, lazy, or just don't want to conform to society. Who am I kidding. Nah, just lazy and gross I think. However when I discovered Batiste, circa Reading festival 2008, that helped wash away any greasy looking festival vibes and was from then on my saviour.
However I always had a problem with it, it left me looking like I had dandruff. No matter what advice people told me, "rub it in properly" or "use it the night before" it still left a white residue on my dark head of hair (I know they do a brunette one but I'm not paying extra for that, plus back in 2008 i remember it was about £1.50 for a can!). Not only that but it irritated my scalp.

Anyways I've tried a few other dry shampoos in the process, Mark Hill (did weird things to my hair) , herbal essences (kinda-ish worked), label m (didn't work), superdrug's own brand (nope, didn't work).

So I kinda gave up. Until I saw a new brand in Superdrug called CoLab which had the cutest bottle design, it was half price so I thought I'd give it ago. Trying the original scent for a clean fresh smell, it worked a dream. All varieties promote that it doesn't leave a white residue! Which it didn't! And it worked beautifully not leaving my hair feel too dry either! After a couple test runs I ran back to Superdrug and stocked up on a couple more bottles (opted for the extremely cute fruity scent with smiley faces on the bottle and the tropical covered in the trendy look of "plants on pink" print).

Not only is this stuff great but it's vegan friendly, not tested on animals, and protects your hair from uv damage and pollution!

So guys test this shit out! You'll never look back.

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