Saturday, 3 March 2012

Intern - Ups and downs

So I finished at Ralphs for now and recently everything has been hectic! Just the way I like it. After a couple of weeks of being stuck in a rut I manged to get a few Interviews. I literally applied EVERYWHERE. However only a few responded and most of the time when I conversed with them, the companies either didn't cover expenses or only covered within London (£29 a week) which was something I couldn't afford.

So things started looking brighter as I got an interview with Premier Model Management, you know, 'The Model Agency' they got filmed for a documentry. I was pretty excited as I thought it would be pretty cool and a good insite to the other side of the fashion industry, it seemed like a busy lifestyle and something I could uphold. I turned up for my interview and Leomie Anderson (new face with big things a head of her) was outside with some film crew. Obviously a bit intimidating as the room was big white and spacious just like on the tv with everyone working hard and being all cool and stylish. The interview was pretty brief and the girl was nice, lasted about 5 minutes and was told I'd found out if I got the job on Friday. Unfortunately I didn't hear from them so back I was to finding a new internship.

Soon I had a reply for a showroom called Rainbow Wave who deal with all the buyers who want to stock their designers such as Carven, Mario Schwab, J Brand, J.W.Anderson and more. I went for the interview and I think it went pretty good and I go for a trial day soon and see if I like it etc.

Since then I've been to London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week which was incredible, lots of fun. Manish Arora was by far my favourite show as he is one of my favourite fashion designers and never fails to excite me with his inspiring ideas.Tiring with a lot of shows to attend however it well worth it and fitted lots of cocktails and shopping in between. As you can probably see...

Me and Jemima doing our thangggg,  I'm pretty much tipsy or taking the piss and having a shit load of fun!

Being shot for a Norweigian Magazine.


Being interview for Madame Paris.

more cocktails...

Just chilling in the Ritz...

More Cocktails...

Julia looks classy, Jemima and I...not so much...

Posing by the Graffiti wall at Manish Arora.

Trying on fabulous shoes which make my legs look long, shoes by Julian Hakes.

More cocktails... can't get more posey than this.
P.s. big shout out to Julia for putting up with me and Jemima for the whole trip. Lots of Loving.

For another little update I have an interview with Kurt Geiger on Thursday! Oooo exciting!


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