Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Intern at Rainbow Wave - My pot of gold

It's been so hectic since I last posted about being an intern. Phwoar, let the essay begin. So since working on the PR side I had to learn fast. Rainbow Wave PR is now officially a seperate entity to Rainbow Wave. I did everything from, arranging send outs and e-mailing fashion editors, making sure every item were returned on time. Choosing suitable items for shoots, looking through all magazines and newspapers for press as well as online, updating all online files etc. I really enjoyed it, I learnt a lot, attention to detail is important! It was really weird knowing I was corresponding with important people like big photographers and stylists. 

All the Resort SS 13 collections were slowly trickling in, and before I jetted off to Thailand I got to see the new Carven and Peter Pilotto collection, it was so gorgeous. 

On the 1st of July, ralphpink-patterns.com was launched! So exciting. I'm going for a meeting next week to see how everything is going and what our plans are. Go visit the site or follow us on twitter:

Visit Ralph Pink Patterns
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On Wednesday evening after work Rainbow Wave threw a little bbq and invited a load of net-a-porter people over. It was really nice and casual, lots of food. We sat out on our deck, drinking wine and eating lots of pretzels and crisps. The bbq food was delicious, all tucking into sausages, burgers and kebabs whilst listening to some chilled out music. It was a lovely evening soiree to end a working day to.

The next day was the last day of my internship! I was ever so sad to be leaving. I've learnt so much and met so many lovely people! They could be reading this now...

...and hating me for putting these pictures up of them.

I was lucky enough to bag a pair of J Brand jeans and a book about Parisian Chic as a leaving present! Thanks Rainbow Wave team, I will miss you lots!


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