Saturday, 24 November 2012

Out & about - Cirque du Soir

We all like to go out, get a bit intoxicated, dance and see our friends. And seeing as I do this a lot I thought I may review some of the clubs I happen to go to, and maybe give you an idea of where's good to go.

Cirque Du Soir is one of my favourite clubs to go to with the girls. It may not be a hip house club but I'm telling you now, it's bloody good fun.

Where: Ganton Street (Just off Carnaby Street)
Nearest tube: Oxford Circus
Price: Free for girls before 11pm £20 otherwise
Dress code: Party wear, always wear heels and a full face of make-up ladies. Men, no manky shoes, smart casual. 

 One of the many pictures taken in the hole in a face thing.

An attraction of the club.

Right so to put it straight this is an upscale kind of club where you'd find celebrities and such. So they do judge you on your looks and on your age unfortunately, but that's the way the cookie crumbles unless you have a shit load of dosh.

 Inside the club.
Once your in the place it's oh so lavishly done, think Alice in Wonderland! Rippled mirrors decorate the entrance like the kind you find in those mirror mazes at the circus, hence the name. All the staff are dressed up for full effect, clowns, ringmasters, they go all out. You have acts which appear throughout the night, such a contortionists, magicians, weird transvestite's, midgets, everything! There is another room leading off from the main dance floor which is so much fun! There are beds, sounds tacky but people just chat or chill out on them, or in my case where there is a free popcorn machine, there are popcorn fights on them.

 Also a place to get your face painted or covered in glitter, if you're needing another snack there is a candyfloss machine! So much food I don't need to pack a snack out with me. There has also been a new addition and that's a photo booth! £5 a pop isn't cheap but isn't expensive either, so not bad.  The staff are really helpful however if it's a busy night they can seem a bit in a hurry everywhere but that's understandable. The toilet attendants, well they are amazing! I love them, they are fricking hilarious. Well the toilets are just amazing, the men's have rolling stone urinals, where they pee into a mouth.

 Casually posing in the men's toilets.

 My friend nicked the toilet attendants wig, we wanted a photo with these amazing people.

Music is pretty standard, sometimes the dj's are good and play decent music, but it's mainly chart music, however I'm trashed by this point and don't give a shit, "Nigga's in Paris" is always a classic. From past experiences it's never failed me this club, I was there for Will.I.Am's music video filming for "This is love" which was so much fun however tiring. I've also partied with the likes of Matt Smith, y'know Dr Sexy Who. I highly recommend this club, but unless your on a guest list/table it will cost you a dollar or few.

 In the men's toilet again, yes when they wash their hands it looks like they are bumming the girls! Oh la la!
Just taking a nap.

If you don't know, don't worry. - Cirque Du Soir.

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