Thursday, 20 December 2012

Gifts under £20 - Cheapskates christmas

So rather than just posting any old pretty shit that looks good on a blog, I thought of genuine present ideas, that if I hadn't already bought all mine, I would get for my friends. It took me ages as everything had to be under £20, and this is what I either wanted or thought would be quite fun. Maybe it will give you some last minute inspiration...

Crazy Stupid Love

Because Ryan Gosling is fricking hot and it's a great shitty girly film to watch when you're hungover on new years day.


Shove a really attractive (by that I mean ugly) photo of yourself into the frame. Voila.


Oh meow, thought these were rather elegant.

Diary by Emma Cook

Nearly the end of the year, new years resolution to get more creative/organised?
J.W.Anderson x Topshop
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Snap in style.

Keeps your head warm doesn't it!

Urban Outfitters
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Well it's rather cute!

So cute, and will look uber stylish when pouring your tea.
100 Years of Fashion

I love fashion books which look through all the decades of fashion, the photography was just phenomenal back then, so much elegance and poise!

Forever 21

Leather (faux) and fringing! Oh hells yeah, two trends you hate to love.

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Brilliant artist, simple and easy.

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