Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Out and about - Bugged Out Weekender 2013

I was really hyped for this festival, the line-up was insane, pool parties during the day and the fact we stayed in an apartment not in a tent was a huge bonus.

Where: Butlins, Bognor Regis
Price: £150 + (Depending on room type)
Dress code: Acid house
After a heavy fall of snowing during the day I was freaking a little by the fact we might not be able to reach the beautiful seaside town of Bognor Regis (note the sarcasm). Set in good old Butlins, I didn't have high expectations for the living arrangements but was glad I had a bed, toilet and shower. My friends and I opted for the standard apartments, a step up from the silver room. This meant we had a kitchen and living room for an extra £20 each, which was definitely well worth it. 

 The main stages and such were all located pretty close, all within a 5 minute walk which was really good. There were three stages, Centre stage, Reds and Jaks. Never made it to Jaks as it was slightly further away from the other two and the line up in the other stages were too good to miss. The vibe was so good, nobody was pushing and shoving, there weren't any vile sexual endeavours occurring on the dance floor, and there wasn't any over heating, seeing as 99% of the people were high...on life, it was all round happy vibes.

Drinks weren't too expensive to be honest, bargain compared to London prices which I'm used to. It was £3.50 for a jaeger bomb, I drank way too many of those, but to be honest we were all fucked by the time we entered the stages and it wasn't too hard to smuggle bottles in.

The crowd was a real mix of people, pretty sure I convinced myself I met Vanilla Ice, too many huge hench balding men covered in Celtic tattoos, they were quite funny to be honest. No hipsters to my surprise just a few essexy looking lads here and some weird ageing oldies there. It was refreshing.

During the day there were a variety of things to do, Rave karaoke, Musical bingo and pool parties. We ended up going to the pool parties, Klaxons dj'd and it was sick. The flumes! The flumes! So much fun, everyone splashing around just having fun.

With a line up of Blawan, Scuba, Disclosure, Annie Mac, Andy Weatherall, Eats Everything and a shit load more, I 100% Recommend you guys to go next year.

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