Monday, 1 July 2013

260. Career update

A critical change.

I haven't written about my time at house of Fraser in a while simply because not much had happened until recently.

So as you may know you have reviews known as cpd. Continuous personal development, and I had mine. It went well and I learnt that I had objectives to focus on to ensure I was getting the most out of my experience and also proving that I'm a good employee. I also set myself goals, I always hated these type of things because they were never followed through at school.
However since my last cpd I had completed my goals and it did prove helpful.
This time round it was obvious I was struggling working on three brands and keeping on top of 6 collections can be quite tricky if you only work 1 day a week on each brand.

So after further discussion I was told I would be leaving Untold and focusing on my two initial brands Pied a Terre and Mary Portas. This was absolute music to my ears and in all honestly I was thrilled, it meant that I could focus on the collections better and get a lot more involved. That was last week.

I returned today to more news after an intense week, part good part bad.
This was that I would be getting a more full on role as a buying assistant but I would be leaving my two teams behind and returning to Untold full time. Initially I was pretty upset as I had a pretty intense week and these two teams had initially introduced me to everything I know and they were also my good friends. Also the fact that I absolutely adored the brands that I worked on.
Bearing that in mind I tried to focus on the positives after being told lots of different things and actually I would gain so much more experience by working directly for a buyer and in a way taking on a full role of a ba would be beneficial yet daunting.

As today was my last day with the brand they completely spoilt me and bought a bunch of yummy goodies. Doritos and dip, they know me too well as crisp girl and plenty of chocolates treats too. They even gave me a mini send off with lots of gorgeous samples! It was as if I was leaving forever (I'm only moving a few desks away), it was so sweet and I'll truly miss working with them.

However onwards and upwards! As I say everything happens for a reason.
Sannita. X

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