Tuesday, 28 October 2014

367. Travel diary. NYC.

Statue of Liberty and Wall Street

If your wanting to see the Statue of Liberty then this is ideal. You can hop straight onto a ferry for free, so simple and easy. We headed to the top of the deck for prime viewing of the little old lady, we were lucky we caught her on such a stunning day. As soon as we got to Staten Island we got onto another ferry to go back because there's nothing there.
Once we got back the area is very close to the financial district so we headed to Wall Street for some tourists reason and got a picture with the charging bull. It was great.

Central Park

Having had a mixture of weather we wanted to make sure we visited Central park on a pretty day. However every time it was super sunny we were horrifically hungover over. We managed to get ourselves out there on perfectly sunny yet cool day. It was super stunning and absolutely massive. It was quite bizarre as there were road going through the park for the bicycles to ride on and mini traffic lights. We chilled on top of a hill and took a little nap.


Basketball is a pretty big deal in the states so we made sure we went to see a game whilst in NYC. We booked them in advanced which cost about £25. We saw brooklyn Nets vs Maccabi tel aviv. It was great, the atmosphere was insane even though it was just a pre season game. We got ourselves a hot dog prior to the game to embrace the whole culture however our saucing skills weren't up to scratch. The stadium is far bigger than you'd imagine and there's crazy advertisements all the time with dancing girls doing high kicks in half time.

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