Wednesday, 15 October 2014

366. Travel diary. NYC.

Turns out blogger on an iPad is completely shit. So you'll have to bare with me.

3. We took a visit to brooklyn brewery for a taste of the culture in the local town. Admittedly the tour is not much of tour but more of a story telling situation but it's free and it was great. The bar was the main highlight, it was very traditional with wooden benches and beer barrels as tables. Definitely worth having a visit.

Viva toro - $5 frozen margaritas or mojitos, insanely good.
Radegast hall and beer garden - Drinking from giant steins in true German tradition.
The Charlestom - $5 for a beer and a personal pizza
Barcade - a bar with a shit load of arcade games!
Matchless - 241 on a lot of drinks. Also a real nice photo booth.

4. Free tours food tasting

We were told about this company called "free tours by foot" which provide a lot of different types of tours across the world. And the great thing is you pay whatever you like. I would highly recommend the food tours as you get to eat at the great places your shown around as well as learning about the history of the area too. We ended up trying some of the most incredible classics of New York. If you're travelling anywhere in the world this is something you definitely should do. It helped us get our bearings around the city and learn a bit of the culture.

Mamouns falafel
Artechoke pizza
Banthum bagels
Bleecker street pizza

Other great food places -

Brooklyn Mac - insanely good macaroni cheese
Action burgers - comic book themed burger joint. Very retro.
Pies and thighs - good hearty fried chicken
Vinnies pizza - great for when your pissed after a night out.
Kellogs dinner - open 24hrs this is the ultimate American diner
Bagel smith - also open 24hrs this place does pretty darn good bagels.
Baohaus - Eddie huangd little Chinese den

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